H+H was founded in 1987 by Kim Haynes, Michael Jones, Pat Lisk, and Christopher Wortham. These 4 individuals began with a mission of bringing the best customized insurance services to small and mid-sized businesses, and the original mission remains unchanged. Over the years, the founders have expanded their experience working with virtually every aspect of the commercial risk management business, from severe claims to auditing to underwriting. Kim, Mike, Pat and Chris continue to serve in H+H leadership positions, sharing their expertise with team members and directly with clients.

What can your company expect when you trust your insurance needs to H+H?

You can expect to receive the best bonding and insurance products for the best value. You can expect personalized guidance from knowledgeable H+H team members who make it their business to know the needs of your business. Most importantly, you can expect a longterm partnership that you can count on.