Risk Management
managing risk, maximizing profitability

We salute the builders, innovators, manufacturers, distributors and farmers who excel within their industries and grow our nation’s economy. As risk management experts we work hand in hand with our clients, allowing them to exceed the expectations of their customers while protecting the longterm profitability of their businesses. We accomplish this by offering support across four categories of risk management:

Risk Analysis

With risk there is reward. Our clients know that risk is necessary in order to build a business. We analyze all potential risk factors and help our clients create a strategic plan to handle the hazards of production.

Contract Review

By carefully reviewing our client’s contracts we identify potential problems and offer negotiation points. This helps our clients maintain a balanced approach to risk.

Certificate Compliance

When an H+H client request a certificate, our highly experienced staff responds promptly and accurately. Our level of proficiency in obtaining the required forms and endorsements allows clients to quickly satisfy the most demanding customer or vendor.

Claims Assistance

When our clients have a loss, they value having our expertise at their disposal. We facilitate a quick investigation and direct the proper resources to the loss. This ensures the best outcome for all parties involved. At times losses can be complicated and involve multiple parties in litigation, so we make sure the claims process is fair and true to the intent of our client’s contract.